Natural Game Changers of 2013: #1 = 100 Percent Pure

It’s been almost two years since I started using natural products and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results: my hair is softer, my overall appearance is better, and I feel much happier with myself because of my choice to kick dirty products to the curb. Granted, there have been multiple occasions where I’ve used a product that was less than clean and still haven’t found an all natural deodorant (seriously, I’ve been struggling with this for like a year now!) but, I am mostly engaging in clean beauty habits.


One of my favorite companies this past year has been 100 Percent Pure. This company promises products that are exactly what the name suggests – 100% free of toxic chemicals. This means that the makeup and other beauty products are derived from organic fruits and vegetables which means that all products are also vegan. Did I mention that everything is cruelty-free?

I had done a pretty basic job of researching well-known natural beauty products before I stumbled upon 100 percent pure and unfortunately, I got a little stuck on this company and hopefully by the end of this post, (or after reading some of my other posts) you’ll understand why. First of all, the selection of products is immense. Not only are there hair products but there are also makeup products, lotions, and body washes – the list goes on and is ever expanding. Just recently they added a line of even “purer” products known as the “Purist” line and are now selling deodorant (note to self: try the deodorant). Basically, if you can dream of a product, 100 Percent Pure has it or will inevitably have it as their company becomes more prominent and more people (like my blog followers) buy their products and give feedback.

Get your tinted moisturizer on!

Get your tinted moisturizer on!

Second, the products are just awesome. Their foundations stay on well and attempt to make skin look flawless. The bronzers make skin look amazing but not TOO orange or brown. But, 100 Percent Pure’s best product is by far their “Fruit Pigmented Mascara” which comes in four different colors and makes your eyelashes almost look fake. I will probably never buy another mascara again because this mascara works so well.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara - Smells good too!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara – Smells good too!

And finally the best selling point for me is their availability. While they only have a few physical shop locations, mostly in California, their online presence is expanding which means that their shipment options are expanding as well. Living overseas is particularly difficult when it comes to mail especially when it comes to replacing important products such as beauty products. 100 Percent Pure ships overseas and gets to military addresses in a week or less. No longer do I have to worry about planning when my makeup will run out by ordering a month in advance then realizing that I had an extra stashed away while a makeup shipment makes its way across the ocean. The fact that this company is doing so well with expansion shows that their products are really impressing customers – they want and need more!

Coconut Nourishing Body Cream - This is what paradise smells like...probably.

Coconut Nourishing Body Cream – This is what paradise smells like…probably.

So here’s to you, 100 Percent Pure! Thanks for making me look so great in 2013 and here’s to many more years with you!



Beautiful and Natural Haircare

On a daily basis, I only use about three haircare products. I know that I should probably use more since my hair is so dry but with the insane humidity levels in Okinawa, I think three products will suffice.

Again, it is so hot here so I usually wash my hair every day unless by some miracle sweat hasn’t soaked into my follicles or I got around to styling it later in the day and don’t feel like washing it afterwards. I just recently finished a set of Desert Essence’s Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner [at the same time! Awesome, right?] and I absolutely loved it! The smell was out of this world and I felt like my hair wasn’t oily even though there are a lot of different oils working in both the shampoo and the conditioner. I think, though, that my favorite of the two was the conditioner. My hair was SO soft following each use and it made my usually tangled, wet hair a lot easier to manage. Some things from Desert Essence may or may not be up to your “clean code” so be sure to read ingredient labels and research potentially “dirty”  ingredients before purchasing. The Desert Essence website is currently having a mini-sale right now so be sure to check it out! Items are also available on and among other great online stores.

Desert Essence's Coconut Conditioner - Made by natural beauty gods

Desert Essence’s Coconut Conditioner – Made by natural beauty gods

After finishing this wonderful set, I decided to switch it up! I don’t think I’ve used the same shampoo & conditioner combination since switching to natural products because I feel like there are so many products to try! I bought a ton of products from Desert Essence a few weeks ago [expect a blog post about my DE goodies soon!] and purchased their Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner. The smell is very light but delicious and everything seems to be doing its job! Even though it’s a pretty good set, I think that I’ll still be searching for the next set when I’m finished with these two. Any suggestions that aren’t from Desert Essence or Avalon Organics?

Desert Essence Shea Butter Conditioner is pretty good and smells nice!

Desert Essence Shea Butter Conditioner is pretty good and smells nice!

After washing and conditioning, I head straight to my room to grab a wide-toothed comb and my Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector. I spray this on my wet hair because the Coconut Oil from this product works as a detangler and moisturizes at the same time. The smell is fantastic and I wish that this product also served as a perfume because I would totally wear it – the coconut oils and natural fragrances in this are amazing! I’m also an avid user of my straightening iron so I make sure to use this as a heat protector when styling. I’d been on the lookout for a natural heat protector since the switch and this was just what I needed. I found it around January or February at a local co-op near my university and I’ve been hooked ever since! My hair has become a lot more shiny and manageable since incorporating this product into my morning routine; I definitely recommend this product especially to women [or men] that can’t seem to step away from the heated styling tools.

Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector has greatly improved the quality of my hair

Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector has greatly improved the quality of my hair

What hair products do you use on a daily basis? Anyone have any great suggestions for me to try? I’m always on the lookout for new, clean products!

Happy Father’s Day to great father figures around the world! Why not get your Dad some natural shaving cream or shampoo made from beer [it’s natural, vegan, and cruelty-free!]!

– Alaina

Buy/Don’t Buy

During my transition to natural products, I have bought many outstanding items that I will probably use for the rest of my life! However, there are definitely some products that I will stay away from until they change for the better or maybe I’ll just completely avoid them! Here are two products that I’m going to recommend to you; one you should BUY right away and one you shouldn’t.

Buy: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

If you’ve been living under a rock or are brand new to clean products, you may not have heard of these “all-in-one” soaps but many tout Dr. Bronner’s products as life changing, amazing, and definitely magic. The Dr. Bronner’s company has a lot of products in its repertoire however, I’ve only been introduced to and used the liquid and solid soaps. These soaps contain tons of organic oils including moisturizing coconut oil and hemp oil as well as the oils that give these soaps their classic smells. Some of the most popular fragrances include peppermint, citrus, and lavender. The most amazing thing about this soap is that it can be used for any sort of cleaning purpose…ANY. I’ve used it to wash my face and body as well as my dog (he gets his own bottle, of course) and I’ve seen amazing results! I usually use it as a daily body wash and as a pre-facial cleanser to remove makeup because the natural facial cleansers I’ve used aren’t necessarily that great at removing makeup. Other people use Dr. Bronner’s to clean dishes, countertops, laundry, etc but I think that there is no limit to what can be cleaned with this soap.

It’s also fair trade, organic, and not tested on animals – all positives in my book! They are even activists when it comes to the use of hemp oil in their products which I think is very noble and important in our modern world.

My favorite scent, so far, from this line has been Cherry Blossom. Fortunately I have access to this combination as I live in Japan (it is only available in Japan as is Green Tea) but I’m sure that if you explored the Internet hard enough, you could find somewhere to purchase these. More available and great smelling scents include Rose, Lavender, and Tea Tree.

Dr. Bronner's Rose Liquid Soap - What's YOUR favorite Dr. Bronner's scent?

Dr. Bronner’s Rose Liquid Soap – What’s YOUR favorite Dr. Bronner’s scent?

Don’t Buy: Tom’s Wicked Cool Fluoride Toothpaste

I am an avid fan of free/sample products online and was very excited that Tom’s of Maine was offering free samples of their new children’s toothpaste. I know that I’m not a child but I was very willing to try something different because my Colgate toothpaste was the last “dirty” product in my toiletry collection; I was ready to make the switch. The toothpaste was okay and I used it for a few days until I read the ingredients. Not only was a there a spelling error on the small tube but the product also contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – a very controversial chemical which you can read more about in one of my very first posts. The website says that the SLS is naturally derived and is necessary for their product to complete the task of removing debri from teeth however, I was very turned off by this surprising ingredient in a natural company’s product and have stayed away. Some people might also say that fluoride isn’t something they’re interested in having in their oral care products either.

I’m still on the search for the perfect toothpaste however, my family has been using Jason’s toothpastes for a few months now and these toothpastes do not contain SLS but instead have Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate which is plant based and non-irritating. Again, not every natural product is perfect and researchers/developers are still working to rid their products of toxic, controversial, and irritating chemicals so if you like a certain type of toothpaste and you think the company’s explanations and reasonings for their choices are acceptable, then by all means purchase and utilize their products! This is simply my opinion! 🙂

My entire family LOVES Jason toothpaste, specifically Powersmile Whitening Toothpaste: Powerful Peppermint.

My entire family LOVES Jason toothpaste, specifically Powersmile Whitening Toothpaste: Powerful Peppermint.

Hope everyone is having a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

– Alaina

A Clean Face

I’ve been updating you all on some wonderful and specific clean products and now I’d like to share with all of you some of my favorite clean products or what I’m currently using! There are so many wonderful products that I’m currently using and I’m hoping to cover all of them so for the moment, I will just be blogging about the products I use daily on my face!

For my Face

It’s taken a few tries and less than great products but I finally think I’ve found some products for my face that are working!

When I wake up in the morning, I usually use Desert Essence’s Thoroughly Clean Face Wash which has tea tree oil among other wonderful facial oils that get rid of acne and soften skin. I combine the face wash with my Clarisonic Brush and my skin looks and feels great. This cleanser has definitely helped with my acne and I highly recommend it!

Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

Desert Essence’s Thoroughly Clean Face Wash is AMAZING

Once my face is nice and clean, I put on Thayers Rose Petal, Witch Hazel Toner. I had been using Apple Cider Vinegar as my toner but I found the smell to be overwhelming and something that I definitely couldn’t use all the time for fear that someone would be like “Whose face reeks?” The Thayers toner is wonderful though and my face/acne is responding well to it as witch hazel is a natural astringent. The smell reminds me of my Grandma/Great Grandma which could be a selling point or not for some of you but if you don’t particularly enjoy Rose Petal try Peach, Lavender, or Cucumber!

Thayers Rose Petal, Witch Hazel Toner

Thayers Rose Petal, Witch Hazel Toner

Following toner comes moisturizer! As always, make sure to pick a moisturizer that contains sunscreen because with summer coming up, it’s important to be protected from the sun! As stated in the last post, I use Desert Essence’s Gentle Nourishing Day Cream because it’s full of great oils for your face and it allows for my liquid foundation to smooth on more easily. I HIGHLY recommend it. My liquid foundation is 100% Pure’s Healthy Skin Foundation with Super Fruits and you can read more about it in my last post! I follow it with 100% Pure’s Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation Powder in the same color as the liquid foundation. The powder goes on very easily as well and I really like the combination of the two as my face doesn’t seem to0 light/pale nor too tan/dark/orange.

I’m still attempting to finish up a less than clean eyeshadow/bronzer palette so I won’t mention it here. Although I really love the colors of this particular palette, I’m sure there are even better combinations out there that are just as good and are much more clean than the one I am using.

The final step is mascara. Recently I had been using Honeybee Gardens’ Truly Natural Mascara but I felt like it clumped a lot and the brush made it even more difficult. I still got compliments, however, on the length of my lashes and the color so I’d still recommend it! On my way back home from college, my Mom and I stopped at the 100% Pure Store in the San Francisco Airport where I picked up, 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea – I instantly fell in love! When I first used it, (and still now!) I could feel the brush tugging at my lashes as I moved it upwards which allowed for them all to be separated but still get a full amount of the product on them all. After putting it on, it looked like I was wearing false eyelashes! I was amazed! It even smells great which may or may not be a selling point when you’re purchasing mascara but there you go! 🙂 I would HIGHLY recommend this mascara to anyone looking for a clean brand or a better mascara product because I’ve never had a mascara work this well before.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara - Smells good too!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara – Smells good too!

After this intense routine in the morning, I’m ready to go and face the world with my (mostly) clean facial products on. It seems like a lot of product and steps but I assume that some of your beauty routines are similar? These are some pretty great products and I want to emphasize that although some of them may be a little more pricey than commercial brands, they are worth the money in the long run and even work better! What do you use daily on your face?

Again, thanks for reading! Now that I’m on summer vacation, expect a lot more posts as I’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to this and natural products!

– Alaina

Getting Clean: Liquid Foundation(s)

I’m avoiding working on final projects and assignments by working on this blog post but don’t tell anyone! 🙂 I decided to skip conditioners and save that for another time because a lot of my sisters and friends have been asking me about natural makeup and where to buy/purchase it. Obviously I’m not rich enough to experiment with many different brands of liquid makeup nor have I been doing this clean thing for very long but I’d like to give this a shot! So read on for some basic knowledge about CLEAN liquid foundation!

100 Percent Pure

I would definitely say that this brand has perfected the natural liquid makeup and the materials to make the bottles/containers are just beautiful. My sister bought me this liquid foundation for Christmas and at first, I wasn’t too fond of it. It was not very easy to smooth over my face so I used a lot of it; it just wasn’t working for me. Once I discovered a really great moisturizer though, (Desert Essence’s Gentle Nourishing Day Cream SPF 15 which I will write about in another post, promise!) the foundation complied and went on/covered perfectly! I even paired it with the matching powder and I was and have been very satisfied with the results.

Besides just being a great makeup, 100 percent pure really is…100 percent pure. If you look at the ingredients of the foundation specifically, you won’t see anything “chemical sounding” as everything, except the ingredients acting as UV barriers (sunscreen), is derived from fruits! The foundation is also 100% vegan and gluten free! One eco-issue that some people have regarding this foundation is that the ingredients and final product are not organic. I don’t, however, think this should be a deal breaker unless you’re very devoted to an organic lifestyle. The bottles/containers are also all recycled too. Basically this product is FABULOUS and everyone should try at least one thing from 100 percent pure. 🙂

My color is White Peach. :)

My color is White Peach. 🙂

Ecco Bella

I’m also a big fan of Ecco Bella liquid foundation! It’s a more established company and brand than 100 Percent Pure so it was one of the companies I went to when I couldn’t get 100% to work for me. Once I received it, I was relieved and very happy when it went on smoothly and made my skin/face look BEAUTIFUL. It is water-based so you don’t need a lot of it as I said it goes on really smoothly and covers your face very well. Like the previous product, Ecco Bella liquid foundation is vegan, gluten free, and paraben free but unlike the previous product, there are some definite organic ingredients in this product. What I also like about this brand is that they provide some great descriptions of each color of their liquid foundation which you can find here. This really helped me choose which color was best for me and I got it right on the first try – now I’m hooked! :3

My only issue with this foundation is that it is pretty watery meaning that although your face looks dewy and beautiful, it needs some time to “dry” onto your face before you apply powder foundation/bronzer/blush, etc. The easiest way to cure this, though, is just to use less of it or to wait it out by putting on some eyeshadow so the foundation has time to “set”. The coverage makes your skin look great!

Side note: Although I am currently using the powder foundation afterwards, I’m finding that a different color is being created on my face once I use that powder. I would suggest finding a powder elsewhere and keeping an eye out for my next blog where I’ll tell you which one goes best with this liquid foundation.

I use Light Beige

I use Light Beige

I’ve stuck with these two brands only because they’ve worked for me and I’m too nervous/poor to try new brands just yet – just like how some of you are feeling while making the transition from your regular products to clean ones! There are other natural makeup brands that are great and that I’ve used but they prefer powder foundation over liquid. Here are some other brands that you should consider:

1) Meow Cosmetics – I’ve bought some powder foundation samples from them but haven’t found a color that I REALLY like as they have SO MANY color choices)

2) Juice Beauty – Although I’ve never purchased anything from here before, the claims on the site seem legitimate and the products seem pretty similar to 100 percent pure in terms of packaging and ingredients. Yes, there are some chemical-sounding words in their ingredients but they are safe and used in small amounts. Check it out and let me know!

Where to Buy?

– Respective Sites – each header in this post is a hyperlink leading to the brand’s official website. Make sure to like them on Facebook too for deals and cool information!

– (At least for Ecco Bella and 100 percent pure)

– Possibly your local Co-Op Store?!

Where do you buy your natural liquid foundation? 🙂

Next time: Powder Foundation(s)!


I promise that I will be back in action soon! I’m currently in my last 3 weeks of college and am swamped but summer will provide me with TONS of time to post. 🙂



Getting Clean: Shampoos

Sorry for the extremely late post! I did absolutely nothing during Spring Break which distracted me from being productive; True Life and Buckwild are terrible but attention demanding TV shows.

The transition to natural shampoos and conditioners is probably the easiest to make. I used to use so much “dirty” shampoo and conditioner to make my hair clean and soft that I would run out of both fairly quickly. This post will allow you to make good natural shampoo decisions!


When I’m looking for a new shampoo to try, I usually look for something that smells nice. If it’s unique or is a scent that I’ve never tried before, I usually go for it. This hasn’t changed since I’ve started using natural shampoo! So many great brands like Avalon Organics and Desert Essence have some very interesting scented (and fragrance-free) shampoos. Since I haven’t had the need to use as much shampoo as I used to, I have only had the opportunity to try a few types of these shampoos. My current favorite is Avalon Organic’s Peppermint Strengthening Shampoo because of the extreme peppermint scent and that awesome tingle on my scalp as the natural oils work into my hair.


My favorite clean shampoo so far!

Since making the switch to natural shampoo, I haven’t seen a dramatic difference in my hair. The chemicals that are used in “dirty” shampoos make us feel like our hair is healthy and happy because it promotes shine and the feeling that your hair is soft. In reality, your hair is coated with so much lingering gunk, that your hair feels nice but isn’t actually healthy. An easy way to regain that shine naturally is to incorporate 100% and pure Argan or Jojoba oil as a leave-in treatment following your shower.


I’ve only used Clarifying Lemon Shampoo & Conditioner. Suggestions for what to buy next?

Another thing you’ll notice right away after using natural shampoo is the lack of “suds” when working the shampoo into your scalp. Suds are the direct result of sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) which, as stated in my previous post, are carcinogens which may cause health problems over time. Since your scalp absorbs more than half of what goes on it, you’re absorbing these toxic chemicals into your bloodstream – a terrifying thought! Also, after doing a bit of research, I found that many “dirty” shampoos definitely contain SLES and they are typically one of the first ingredients you’ll find in your shampoo. Shouldn’t the natural scent or helpful oils/vitamins be at the top of the list not a controversial chemical? So if at first you’re worried that your hair isn’t getting clean because you don’t get the lather that you’re used to, keep at it and you’ll find that your hair as well as your body, are a lot more healthy because of it!

Another great positive of using natural shampoo is that I don’t use as much shampoo as I usually do! This, of course, leads to more money in my bank account to spend on fun natural makeup and Thai food (YUM!). In terms of my hair, this means that I don’t wake up with oily/greasy/limp hair that has obviously been scrubbed to hell by toxic shampoos then flattened by nasty conditioners.

Although natural shampoos don’t boast about giving you shiny and luxurious hair, they are far more beneficial to you and your health than you think. The majority of truly natural shampoos stray away from toxic chemicals that could cause you serious health problems in the future (see previous post about some of those toxic chemicals). They also leave your hair much happier and healthier than ever! And although some natural shampoos are a bit more expensive than your normal brand, there isn’t really a huge difference between the two other than the obvious chemicals or lack thereof. So if you can afford natural shampoo and understand the benefits, why would you continue to use products that could potentially cause you harm?


See what I mean?!

Next time: Conditioners!

Chemicals to Avoid

In the last post the word “chemical” was entered at least twenty times so I will try to use that word less and a thesaurus more – promise! Now back to the post…

In last week’s post I brought up the fact that most popular makeup brands have toxic chemicals in them. But what are these chemicals and what are their effects on you and your body? I’ve compiled a list using various sources however, I would still like you to know that many of these “effects” have neither been completely confirmed nor denied by researchers, scientists, etc.

Parabens (ex. Methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben) – Used as germicide, preservative, and sometimes for fragrance in popular cosmetics. Unfortunately, these are the most common ingredients found in cosmetics and toiletries with an estimated 75 to 90 percent of cosmetics containing them. Fortunately, many companies are starting to face backlash for using parabens in their products so they are being taken out and advertised as such. Parabens are so serious that Europe has significantly restricted their use! Why, you ask? Because parabens mimic natural estrogen which can lead to different types of cancer [breast cancer specifically], disrupt hormone functions, and can also lead to increased skin aging. This is definitely one substance that you’ll want to completely avoid when purchasing products. Found in: conditioners, sunscreen, foundations, concealers, etc. – can be found in almost every cosmetic product that hasn’t promised to rid their product of this dangerous chemical.

PEGs [Polyethylene Glycols] – PEGs are commonly used as softeners and thickeners in cosmetic cream bases because they help to retain moisture. Allegedly these substances are known to be contaminated with possible human carcinogens which can cause an enormous amount of issues within one’s body – just look up the effects of PEGs and you’ll see how serious this substance really is. I found the following: nervous system abnormalities, issues involving development of the human body, brain damage, and skin rashes – CRAZY. Similar products include propylene glycol among others. Found in: deodorants, lotions, body washes, lipsticks, and hair conditioners.

Fragrance or Parfum – Probably every popular cosmetic product, scented or unscented, uses fragrance. This is fine and dandy but these chemicals (over 3,000 are used as fragrance in products) can cause allergies, asthma, migraines, etc. Some fragrance chemicals are used to enhance the smell of a product causing it to “linger” on the body – that can’t be natural. These “lingering” chemicals, known as diethyl phthalate or DEP, can affect hormone function and may also be harmful to the environment. It’s best to choose products then that contain natural fragrance such as essential oils or don’t contain any fragrance, parfum, or DEP at all. Found in: almost everything including laundry detergent!

Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) – SLES are foaming and bubbling chemicals that you’ll find in most shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. I used to think that I wasn’t using a good shampoo or conditioner if it didn’t foam when I massaged it into my hair but it turns out that the more foam you have, the more toxic chemical you have in your product! Like PEGs, these products contain carcinogens which can again, harm human development and the nervous system. Remember also how much your eyes sting when you get shampoo or conditioner in them? Yeah, that’s the SLES which are also known to cause cataracts! It can also harm aquatic organisms as well since this product usually persists and may actually end up in an area where such organisms are affected. Since I’ve been using natural shampoos and conditioners, I’ve been finding that my eyes are not as greatly affected if the product does come in contact with them nor is there much foam when I am massaging the product in my hair/scalp. Found in: shampoos, conditioners, dish soaps, and toothpastes.

Formaldehyde chemicals (i.e. DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, methenamine, quaternium-15, and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate) – Yes this substance, used as a preservative, is really is as bad as it sounds. Products that contain any of these particular chemicals are known to “continuously release” small amounts of formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen that can cause cancer and may affect the immune system as well. These chemicals are typically harmful when inhaled but when used in cosmetics, the product is directly is absorbed into the skin which may be more serious than inhalation. Found in: shampoo, conditioner, mascara, makeup remover, and much, much more.

There are many more toxic chemicals in makeup that we should all be avoiding not only for ourselves and our own health but also for the health of other organisms and the environment that surrounds us. Don’t even hesitate to look further into these chemicals listed and others that may be potentially dangerous to your health.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to “natural”, “clean”, or “organic” products after reading this post and/or conducting a bit of your own research, PLEASE make sure that these products are certified and don’t actually contain any of the above chemicals. You can check if a product is certified if you see this sticker on it somewhere:


A USDA Certified Organic sticker guarantees that a product contains at least “95% or more organic ingredients”; a product that says it is “all natural” or “100% organic” isn’t unless it has been certified by an official company. If it’s not organic though and the producers claim their product is natural, check the label! The rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably no good! Natural cosmetic and toiletry companies LOVE stickers and labels so keep your eyes peeled for items that support clean beauty!

Thanks for reading!


Breast Cancer Fund:

David Suzuki Foundation:


“What’s in my makeup?!”

Last summer, my sister found a book called No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics. She was constantly bugging me and asked me to read it at least a hundred times (that’s an over exaggeration but you get what I’m saying). What I kept telling her was, “I’d rather just not know about this and be blissfully unaware of what’s in my beauty products” – but she didn’t give up.  I finally looked it over and understood why she wanted me to read it – the products that we’d been using on a daily basis were toxic.


Yep, you heard right – toxic. The products that I had used and loved for so many years contained chemicals in them that caused cancer, increases in hormone production, and other very serious health issues. Although there is no direct connection between these chemicals and serious diseases, we were both very upset to learn this information, because the companies that we had trusted to cover our skin and clean ourselves were more or less lying to us – their loyal customers. It was time to change.

I began the transition to natural products shortly after reading the book and doing more research on my own. This meant that I got rid of shampoos that contained waxes in them, lotions with varying amounts of PEG, and completely avoided products that tested on animals.


Through my blog, I hope to express with you how serious this issue is. I’ll be going over some of the most toxic and common chemicals in our beauty products including what they are, what they do, and where you’ll find them. I’ll also be providing you with natural alternatives and where you can find them. You may be surprised to learn that many pure companies sell relatively cheap and easy-to-find quality products.

If you don’t believe this is an important or relevant issue, then why are so many companies feeling the need to advertise the fact that they have “taken out” chemicals in their products? Many cosmetic labels now read, “No more sulfates” or “Now fragrance, dye, and chemical-free!” which makes me wonder what was in these products before…? Companies are taking these chemicals out because people are starting to realize how damaging these chemicals are and companies are moving in the right direction – mostly. They still refrain from telling you about the chemicals that are still in our your products which are the ones that we may be less aware and knowledgeable about. These companies trick you into thinking that they care about your health as well as the environment when, unfortunately, they probably just care about the $.


Loreal “claims” their shampoos and conditioners are pure but looking at the ingredients confirms otherwise.

The transition from your daily products to natural alternatives is not a quick nor easy feat. I also don’t expect you to accept this information so easily nor do I claim to be an expert on the subject. Please conduct your own research about your daily products and decide what is best for you. But if you’re ready to make a change for yourself and the world around you, then get ready and join me on the journey to get clean…real clean.